Electrician cleanroom too bag with buckles

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    Key Features

    The electrician cleanroom tool bag is a technician zipper tool pouch. It designed for engineers working in the semiconductor industry. There are two buckles can help close the bag.

    Cleanroom Tool Bag 370x300x120mm w/ Buckles

    ◆ Designed for engineers work in semiconductor industry
    ◆ Transparent design for you to easily see through the bag
    ◆ Dimension: 370 x 300 x 120mm
    ◆ Material: PVC
    ◆ Color: Transparent
    ◆ With one handle at the top and adjustable strap
    ◆ Two zippered compartments inside
    ◆ Two buckles help close the bag quickly
    ◆ Exterior pockets and pouches on both sides of the bag help you to organize and store personal belongings and accessories

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